Important Steps to Take if Your Receptacle Seems Unusually Hot

Noticing a warm or hot receptacle in your home can be unnerving, and you should never let it slide if you think that you may have faulty wiring. However, as long as you take some important steps provided by the Edmonton electrical contractors at Sierra Electrical Ltd., there's no need to panic.

First, you need unplug any device that's plugged into the warm outlet and take note of what was plugged in. If receptacle is only mildly warm but not too hot to touch, then chances are it was connected to a device that used a transformer to convert the input voltage to a different output voltage. This may include devices such as cell phones, printers, and modems.

Once you unplug the transformer, the receptacle should cool down to ambient temperature in about an hour or so, indicating that the receptacle is fine. You can confirm this by plugging in a device which doesn't use a transformer. If the receptacle does not warm up, then you have nothing to worry about.

If, however, the receptacle doesn't cool down upon unplugging a transformer or if it is warm even when non-transformer devices are plugged in, then it should definitely be looked at by an Edmonton electric contractor.

You can also be sure that you've got a problem on your hands when a receptacle isn't just warm, but too hot to touch. In this case, all devices should be unplugged and the circuit itself should be turned off by flipping the correct switch at the breaker panel. Check other receptacles around the house for heat or for burn marks.

A hot receptacle almost always indicates a serious issue with the circuit, and should be inspected by licensed Edmonton electricians as soon as possible. Do not attempt to go looking for the source of the problem yourself, as you could get hurt and cause further damage.

If a receptacle is too hot to touch, then it is likely overloaded and experiencing a connection issue. Loose contacts inside of an outlet are dangerous, as they may prevent the breaker from flipping while still allowing electrical current through.

As the current attempts to flow despite the resistance created by a bad connection, the circuit can become so hot that a fire starts. A fire that starts in your walls due to a faulty circuit is extremely dangerous, as such a fire is hard to quickly detect and put out. It can result in extensive damage and serious injury.

You should never put off contacting electrician contractors in Edmonton if one or more of the receptacles in your home are too hot to touch. You can trust that the experts at Sierra Electrical Ltd. have the right equipment and knowledge to inspect your receptacle and inform you about the proper course of action, preventing possible disaster.

If you need the services of electric contractors in Edmonton because of a warm or hot receptacle, then don't hesitate to contact Sierra Electrical Ltd. as soon as you can.

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