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Professional Rewiring Services in Edmonton

Sierra Electrical Ltd. offers professional rewiring services in Edmonton and surrounding areas. A house fire can happen in an instance and it can destroy everything you’ve built. One of the most common causes of fire is electrical issues. But by taking the proper measures, you can reduce the risk that a fire ever affects you and your family. One area that can be overlooked is the wiring in your house.

Did you know that electrical fires are about 50% more common in homes with aluminum wiring? But with an aluminum correction from Sierra Electrical Ltd. and our team of electricians in Edmonton, we can help reduce the risk of fire at your home. Are you ready to learn more about what we can do for you? If so, call Sierra Electrical Ltd. today and schedule a free rewiring estimate.

Our team of professional electricians in Edmonton has been helping residents & businesses owners with aluminum wiring for over three decades. Whatever your unique aluminum wiring needs are, our team is eager to help you.

Electrical Safety Inspection

Count on our team for your electrical safety. Our electrical safety inspections are conducted by licenced professional electricians with years of experience in the field.


Aluminum Wiring Correction

Ensure that your aluminum wires are not a threat to you by having our well-established team of professionals correct and restore them to their most optimum condition.


Aluminum Wiring Pigtails

Prevent aluminum wire termination and failures with copper pigtails; a method approved by the Canadian Technical Safety BC to secure aluminum wires.


Insurance Company Letter

Get a Licensed Electrical Contractor letter for your home which will advocate that your place is safe from electrical issues and hazards. It will come in handy as proof when you renew your insurance policies.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few most common questions about aluminum wiring and repairs that we regularly get from our clients:

  • Is it safe to have aluminum wiring?
    It is completely fine to have Aluminum wiring if it is installed correctly and is only employed in the proper application. People often encounter issues with aluminum wiring when it’s used in the branch type circuit wiring (It is the smaller wires used to transfer electricity from any electrical panel to the lighting fixtures, switches, and plugs.) Much like any other wiring, aluminum wiring is safe to employ when appropriate terminations and connections are provided without hampering the quality of the wire and the materials approved by the Canadian Electrical Code are installed in conformity. These days, the stranded aluminum wire is commonly used for the feeder lines and the main distribution lines to bring electric power to your home.
  • Why should we hire a licensed electrician to fix our aluminum wiring?
    Having an unlicensed electrician fix your home’s aluminum wiring will only cause more problems to your wiring. Fixing aluminum wiring properly requires a thorough understanding of the electronics and certified skills of a licensed electrician. Also, without having a licensed electrician contractor on board, you can not get your home or office wiring system certified as secure for the insurance applications.
  • What makes aluminum wiring so problematic?
    The root cause of problems that arise from having aluminum wiring comes from the physical properties of aluminum. It is a metal that oxidizes whenever exposed to air, which results in overheating and causes failure at the termination points of the wiring. As aluminum is categorized as a soft metal that demonstrates a very different set of electrical characteristics than metals like copper, keen attention and thorough understanding are important to ensure that only appropriate devices employ aluminum wiring.
  • Can I get insurance for my house with aluminum wiring?
    Yes, but only if the aluminum wiring in your house is safe. If your home is wired with AW, most insurance companies would demand a proper electrical safety inspection by a qualified and licensed electrician before they sell you any policies or renew existing ones. Generally, you will require electrical repairs.
  • How do I know if my home or business has aluminum Wiring?
    Aluminum wiring was common in the houses constructed from the mid-1960s to late 1970s, if your residence was also constructed in this time frame, there’s a good chance your house has aluminum wiring. You can easily check what type of wiring you have by taking a good look at the visible wiring found between the open floor joints, in the attic, or even in the basement. You should also try looking at the service panel and see if the wiring is marked with words like ALUM, ALUMINUM, AL, AL ACM, or ALUM ACM.
  • What are the signs that may indicate aluminum wiring issues?
    The following signs might indicate that your aluminum wiring has problems: The lights at your home are flickering, however, this phenomenon can’t be traced to any external issue. You have plugs that do not work even when the circuit is energized. You are encountering odd static on your TV, computer or radio. There are crooked, discoloured and warm receptacle covers and switch plates. Fuses and circuit breakers are tripping for no visible reason. You notice an odour that smells like burning plastic near switches and receptacles. You see sparking or smoke near electrical devices. If you find any of these issues in your house, you should reach out to a professional electrical contractor in Edmonton and have all your electrical systems checked on priority to save yourself and your loved ones from any electrical hazards or inconveniences.
  • I don’t experience any of the above-mentioned issues. Does it mean that my aluminum wiring is absolutely safe?
    Not entirely. Aluminum wiring has a very notorious reputation for causing electrical issues without any indications or prior symptoms. We always recommend a complete electrical safety inspection.
  • Is it possible that my house has both copper and aluminum wiring?
    Yes, it is possible. Some houses or offices contain a mixture of both copper and aluminum wiring.
  • Is it possible to solve my aluminum wiring problems without replacing all the wires?
    Yes, residents of AB have the following three ESA authorized choices, to prevent the risks and problems caused by aluminum wiring. 1 - Installation of AL/CU or CO/ALR devices only. This solution involves replacing all the common switches and wall receptacles in your home with the ones that are specifically rated and designed for aluminum wiring. We do not have tamper-resistant receptacles and “Decora” devices available in a CO/ARC form. Its Availability is limited to standard devices. However, this solution does not address connections in any lighting fixtures. 2 - Copper Pigtails with Specialized Connectors. The most common solution for addressing the problems caused by AW is adding new copper pigtail wires between electrical devices and aluminum wiring. It is important to ensure that this type of connection must only be done using special wire connectors and a proper anti-oxidant paste that helps increase the conductivity and also eradicates the corrosion. 3 - Complete home rewire using only copper wiring. This is simply the safest and most durable solution to all your wiring issues. It is often a one-time investment that ranges anywhere from $7,000 up to $20,000 plus considering all factors including the size of your house or office. Copper wiring is a very convenient wiring option to protect yourself and your home from all sorts of electrical problems. No matter what option you choose, these must always be performed by a licensed Edmonton electrician contractor to make sure that all safety protocols are properly taken and the correct installation procedures are executed without any hassle.

Why Is It Important to Get Your Wiring Checked?

Here’s why you should consider getting your aluminum wiring checked and fixed as your top priority:

Fire hazards

As aluminum wires oxidize easily and are far softer than copper wires, this puts your wiring at a considerable risk of overheating and arcing.


Higher insurance premium

Insurance companies know pretty well that aluminum wiring is not as safe as copper wiring generally, and hence this factor affects your insurance premium as well.


Low conductor durability

During termination, aluminum conductors are at a greater risk of being cut, crushed or nicked, which results in multiple electrical issues and failures.


Requires regular maintenance

The joints in aluminum wiring tend to loosen up over a period of time due to oxidation and a series of expansions and contractions. To keep the aluminum wiring safe, it is important that you get it inspected and repaired every 5 years.

How Can We Help You?

Our team of professional electricians in Edmonton has been helping residents & businesses owners with aluminum wiring for over three decades. Whatever your unique aluminum wiring needs are, our team is eager to help you.

Quality Electrical Wiring

You can depend on our licensed electricians for comprehensive electrical rewiring services.

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