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Electrical Upgrades in Edmonton

Choose Sierra Electrical Ltd. for electrical upgrades in Edmonton. We rely on power sources much more than we used to, so old homes and buildings often run a high risk of faulty wiring along with other issues. An electrical upgrade will reduce the risks of these problems and allow your home or business to run more electrical appliances at once. Among the trusted electrician contractors Edmonton is home to, Sierra Electrical Ltd. provides electrical upgrades for residential and commercial clients for many reasons. We can upgrade your electrical panel and service for safety reasons or for insurance requirements. Call us today to schedule an appointment with us.

Commercial Electrical Upgrades in Edmonton

Proper amounts of electricity are essential for the day-to-day operations of your business. You need sufficient lighting to work and interact with customers, and you need to have appropriately functioning computers for many reasons, from customer outreach to company advertising. Increase your productivity and workplace performance with an electrical upgrade in Edmonton.


Electrical upgrades can range from adding new lighting to meeting electrical codes. Sierra Electrical Ltd. can assess your needs and install, upgrade and service your electrical panel, fuse box, circuits and more. These upgrades will help you avoid fire hazards and other potential threats while enabling your company to increase productivity with more electrical output.


We provide cost-efficient smart electrical solutions for commercial buildings. You can rely on our team of licensed electricians to provide you with energy-efficient electrical solutions. You should consider switching to LED lights as it dramatically reduces your building’s electrical energy consumption. Also, you should upgrade your HVAC equipment with a more efficient model that can reduce costs and energy consumptions.


If you would like to learn more about affordable and eco-friendly electrical solutions for commercial buildings, you should consider talking to our licensed electricians at Sierra Electrical Ltd. Feel free to call us for a free quote today.

Residential Electrical Upgrades in Edmonton

If you’re thinking about getting an electrical upgrade at your Edmonton home, there’s one big question you want to focus on – why?


Your initial answer may have to do with the flickering lights in your kitchen or the fact that your insurance company told you to, but we want you to look deeper. Energy-efficient electrical upgrades will help you save more money, reduce emissions of greenhouse gases, and enhance the safety and comfort of your home.


It’s better to pre-emptively act and ensure you have a large enough electrical panel with enough space for the additional breakers that will be required. You’ll also need to make sure that your electrical service is up to the job of handling extra loads.


To determine how much you need to upgrade your system to meet the needs of your future plans, you need the help of an experienced electrician contractor like Sierra Electrical Ltd. You can call us for a free estimate and we will be happy to help you.

Call Sierra Electrical Ltd. for Upgrades

The breakers in your system are electrical switches designed to protect your electrical circuits from damage caused by excess current, overloads or short circuits. We upgrade electrical panels to allow for more breakers and prevent these problems. To handle increased electrical loads, our service upgrades—from 100 to 400 amps—involve upgrading your electrical wiring. This will allow your home or office to avoid those flickering lights and overloading your system.


These upgrades can be made for many purposes. Often, insurance companies require electrical upgrades to help prevent the risk of fires and other issues. Electrical upgrades are also a good idea to pre-emptively prepare for other upgrades or renovations. Call Sierra Electrical Ltd. today to schedule your electrical upgrade in Edmonton.

Electrical Upgrades

Get stated with electrical service upgrades from licensed electricians at Sierra Electrical Ltd.

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